2000 - Perugia, Via Bontempi 19
Property: Lorenzo Schmidt
schmidt_dwg.jpg (92665 byte) Main schemes, illustrating the original state and the project state

pros.JPG (372706 byte)

Plan and section of the voulted chamber to be divided for the  new bathroom 
and to gain more room without closig the vaulted ceiling 
prog01.JPG (620315 byte) First scheme for the main bedroom, with an interpsed level 
under which is situated the new bathroom.

Later on the balcony was expanded to gain more space inthe new upper level

prop2.JPG (120712 byte) Second bedroom scheme 
prog02.JPG (545495 byte) Second bedroom sketch
DSCN3543.JPG (225958 byte) The marble Giallo Antico  e Nero Portoro 
for the decorative paving to be  installed as "carpet" in the main voulted room